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This compares with March/April 1997 when take up was significantly lower at 70,600 sq m. Letting activity increased in both the core and fringe areas (by 27,200 sq m and 41,200 sq m respectively) during March/April 1998. Proportionally speaking, the core accounts for 71% of transactions in March/April, although this has fallen from 86% in January and February 1998.Take up in the whole of the West End stands at approximately 40,000 sq m for March and April 1998 representing a fall in take up of 10,100 sq m compared with January/February 1998.

If you are a new user towards hiring house and are not able to understood the process of property conveyancing or property transaction then in this case you must hire an expert and specialized conveyancer who will deal with all your problems and try to make you understand the process of property transaction. Take up in the fringe however has risen by some 3,300 sq m over this period and currently stands at just under 5,000 sq m.This represents 12% of all letting activity in the West End (compared with 3% in the last summary). Letting activity continues to be strongest in Mayfair/St James’s, with 60% (21,300 sq m) of core take up originating from this sub-market.

This is the result of an 8,000 sq m increase in take up in this sub-area as well as decreases in take up visible in the other sub-markets. (e.g. Mayfair/St James’s increasing from 27% in January/February to 60% and the Northern Quarter falling from 38% to 12%). Total take-up during January and February was just over 140,000 sq m, an increase of 4,500 sq m (3%) since November/December. Letting activity in the core increased by 20,000 sq m during January/February. This activity combined with a 43% slide in fringe activity Pre-letting continues into 1998 with solicitors Simmons and Simmons signing up for part of the City Point scheme (the former Britannic Tower).