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the restriction on ratchet clauses and interference in the negotiation of rents between parties will create major impediments to the development of new commercial premises, especially purpose built premises where it is critical to the landlord that rent does not fall below initial levels.When such disincentives are added to Victoria’s already onerous land tax and stamp duty regime which the Government inherited it is likely to significantly inhibit new investment and may even result in a sell down of the State’s assets.

We have had a proposal for a national Shopping Centre Mediation Service before the federal Council of the Australian Retailers Association now for some months, where we believe , unfortunately, it has stalled. Get qualified real estate Enact Conveyancing brisbane or settlement agents before selling your residential properties. The above are just a few of the credits available to taxpayers for 2000 tax This is a proposal for a system to sort out commercial disputes about rents, leases and conditions for existing leases, where the two parties are unable to resolve the dispute themselves, and are unwilling to go to the Tribunal.

It is absolutely fundamental for ongoing investment in this sector that the right solutions be applied to identify problems. They are significant disincentives to investment, and while this Government did not create those problems, it has the opportunity to show leadership and to fix them.

But if the Government adds to an onerous regime of land taxes a change which removes the property rights of commercial property owners it will make Victoria a most unattractive place to invest. It is change, which would hurt the nearly two million mum and dad investors who rely on shopping centre trusts for income, and it would ultimately hurt the very people the Government was trying to protect, the small retailers by shrinking the economy.