However, we expect the industry to be heavily criticized. We are well prepared to respond. We encourage your company to be prepared.In Victoria, a rowdy public meeting of almost 700 small retailers last night heard promises of legislative action by a collection of State and Federal MPs of all political persuasions.As previously advised, Peter Clarke is representing your interests on the Committee established by the Victorian Government to look into amending the retail tenancies legislation.Read More

Property Council this week announced its 1997 Shopping Centre Marketing Awards for 1997 at the International Shopping Centre Conference in Queensland. The Awards evening recognized marketing efforts from around the country in five different categories and across various size bands. Shopping Centre Division Jones Lang Wootton presented the awards at a gala event on the Gold Coast on Monday evening. fRead More

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The rhetoric surrounding the policy is that the changes proposed are pro small business; that they will protect small business…presumably against big business. Let us be very clear about this. If small business needs protection against big business, then this is not the way to do it. Read More

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Worse, if security of tenure is introduced, it will restrict the capacity of the landlord to manage the building, and would drive down rents and the value of the building. Conveyancing will make an extra effort to get success in the process.One of the key things to understand here is that such changes would make Victoria even less attractive as an investment destination and would be highly likely to drive potential investors to invest in NSW or Queensland where such restrictions do not apply. Operation Lifesaver. Read More

Lettings in the fringe have decreased by 4,400 sq m but this has been compensated for by activity in the core where take-up has increased by almost 4,000 sq m. Consequently, the core now accounts for 99% of all West End transactions (compared with 88% in the last summary).The bi-monthly average for the West End core is 41,200 sq m. This figure is 38% lower than the average in May/June 1997 (66,900 sq m), whilst take-up to date totals 123,600 sq m. Read More

This compares with March/April 1997 when take up was significantly lower at 70,600 sq m. Letting activity increased in both the core and fringe areas (by 27,200 sq m and 41,200 sq m respectively) during March/April 1998. Proportionally speaking, the core accounts for 71% of transactions in March/April, although this has fallen from 86% in January and February 1998.Take up in the whole of the West End stands at approximately 40,000 sq m for March and April 1998 representing a fall in take up of 10,100 sq m compared with January/February 1998. Read More

In 1990 her service sector experience commenced when she joined the board of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as it was preparing for privatization and since then she has added the hospitality industry to her portfolio of experience, joining Star City in 1995 where her responsibilities up to the end of 1997 included human resource management, government relations and communications. The straightforward truth is, all conveyancer melbourne price specialists would need to embrace an incredible same careful neighborhood enquires and investigates.Read More