Property conveyancing makes easy transaction process
Worse, if security of tenure is introduced, it will restrict the capacity of the landlord to manage the building, and would drive down rents and the value of the building. Conveyancing will make an extra effort to get success in the process.One of the key things to understand here is that such changes would make Victoria even less attractive as an investment destination and would be highly likely to drive potential investors to invest in NSW or Queensland where such restrictions do not apply.

If the government is willing to listen to sensible argument, and is genuinely pro-business and pro jobs, then we will get a sensible outcome which delivers on the Government’s intent, meets the legitimate aspirations of retailers and protects the returns of the mum and dad investors.

The other major parts of Property Council platform are to take commercial office blocks out of the control of the Act, and to introduce a genuine mediation option to resolve disputes, fairly, transparently, equitably.You can imagine how much worse this situation will be if the Government’s policy to remove the 1000 square meter rule were to be brought in. We should not emulate the ACT or SA.

In NSW there is a schedule of premises which are designated as retail premises. That schedule does not include professional service providers. In other words in a market review of rent, rent has to be allowed to rise or fall; If other changes foreshadowed by the Government are brought in, such as compulsory standard tenancy agreements, it will prohibit the grant of a lease on agreed commercial terms.