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Property Council this week announced its 1997 Shopping Centre Marketing Awards for 1997 at the International Shopping Centre Conference in Queensland. The Awards evening recognized marketing efforts from around the country in five different categories and across various size bands. Shopping Centre Division Jones Lang Wootton presented the awards at a gala event on the Gold Coast on Monday evening.

Australia's shopping centres are to have a stronger public profile with the formation of a new high-level policy group within the Property Council of Australia and the appointments of a national spokesperson and an executive director for the industry. will chair a new national policy committee of the Shopping Centre’s Council of Australia comprising shopping centre chief executives.

The new role of national spokesperson will be undertaken by Ms Anna Booth and Duncan Fair-weather has been appointed executive director. It is not hard to be debilitated by the universe of property law and property legitimate consultants, particularly if you have had no dealings with authorities beforehand, yet Conveyancing Lawyers are there to do the industrious work for you and extraordinary online conveyancing organizations will help to reduce your uneasiness, rather than add to it. Announcing these moves today, the National President of the Property Council, Mr John McCarthy, said the shopping centre industry played a vital role within the Australian economy and the community.

It was important for this to be reflected in a high level commitment to policy issues and the appointment of experienced people to represent the industry. Anna Booth has valuable experience in dealing with public policy in her former role as a union leader and in her current directorships of SOCOG and the Commonwealth Bank.

She will be the new face of the shopping centre industry at a time when it recognizes the need for closer communication and consultation with stakeholders to better serve the needs of consumers. Anna Booth said she should have a two-way communication role. My first job is to listen to and talk with people - to the shopping centre operators about what they need to deliver to the millions of Australians who have invested their retirement savings in shopping centre’s - and also to the retail tenants about their needs in running a successful business.

My role will be to act as a sounding board for stakeholders and also to communicate effectively the significant contribution made by shopping centre’s to Australia's economic well-being.Her role broadened as she rose to become the leader of the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia and an ACTU Vice President in the decade of Australia's globalization, 1985 to 1995.