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One of the first tasks of the Advisory Council will be to examine a draft Retail Strategy which has been prepared over recent months by the Department of Tourism, Small Business and Industry in consultation with retailers. Contained in the draft strategy are proposed areas for amendment to the Retail Shop Leases Act which will be considered in the context of developments which have occurred at the Federal level.

Mr Davidson said the Queensland Government was committed to playing a leadership role in supporting Minister Reith’s reform process and as a measure of that support for best practice development, He had allocated $600,000 over the next three years to ensure the ongoing reform of retail tenancy measures in Queensland.Key areas to be further examined include the development of business and management skills for small retailers, the introduction of an information and advisory service of franchising and retail tenancy enhancement.

Minister Reith told today’s function that he would continue to consult with the Property Council on issues relating to the small business reform package, as he has done since taking on the Small Business portfolio earlier this year. The last time a review was conducted affecting this industry in this State was 1998.

So why are we having a review in Victoria now? The answer is of course, that we have a new Government, which promised a review, In their policy platform called Taking Care of Small Business they told us that the review would take place “with a view to : Removal of the 1000 square metre floor-space limit on coverage of the Retail Tenancies Act. Conveyancing structure is central however mistaking to perform for that person who have no data in this field and in light of that it is essential for a singular individual to pick an assent and experienced conveyancer to make your system performed effectively.

There are a number of problems, serious problems, with this policy. The problems have their genesis in the fact that this policy was announced just a few days before the election without any prior consultation with Property Council.There was no opportunity for a key section of the industry to have an input into the policy; no opportunity to point out the shortcomings of the policy; no opportunity to point out where the real need for reform is.

So we have a policy developed in a vacuum where one of the key stakeholders has not had an input. It is a flawed policy. But to their credit the Government has not moved precipitately to introduce it. There is now therefore an opportunity for the Government to consult Property Council about the issues. There is an opportunity to show leadership in seeking to understand the issues. There is an opportunity to honor the intent of the policy without adhering to the absolute literal letter of the policy.