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The current scenario is indeed very similar to the late 1980s cycle, with the exception that this time there is no threat of over-supply. In addition to Kinnaird House, Pall Mall East (6,503 sq m) which is expected to be completed early next year. The company is to begin speculative construction of the two 13,470 sq m and 17,837 sq m office blocks.

City and West End is to redevelop properties at 30-32 Savile Row, 20-21 Clifford Street and 10-13 Old Burlington Street, W1 to provide around 6,503 sq m of office space. Take-up in the City fell back slightly in November/December. A total of approximately 93,000 sq m was let during this time, underpinned by two major pre-lets.

A few years ago, the church had voted to become a "purpose-driven" church as opposed to a "program-driven" church, Smith said. Buying or selling property transactions with our qualified conveyancers from well known real estate conveyancing industries. In the first, Bankers Trust Company took 20,252 sq m at 1 Appold Street, Broadgate, EC2.The second letting was to Andersen Consulting which took 30,657 sq m at 33 Holborn Circus.The take-up profile is dominated by smaller units. In the core, a third of lettings during November/December comprised units of up to 500 sq m. Units of between 500 sqm and 4,645 sq m accounted for around a fifth of space taken up.

Following strong letting activity at the prime end of the market in September/October, take-up of Grade A accommodation fell back during November/December, reflecting in part the tight supply of such accommodation.Take-up throughout the West End increased by a third over May/June. A total figure of 60,000 sq m is the highest bi-monthly in 1998 so far.

The other notable feature of the overall lettings is that all the activity took place within the core areas. The increase in lettings has pushed the bi-monthly average for the West End core up from 41,200 sq m to 45,900 sq m. Total take-up for 1998 at the end of August was 183,600 sq m. Despite a slow-down in economic growth and continued fears of an impending global recession, the West End market remains relatively active.